Business Testimonials

“We were delighted to have Venture Life Coaching in our office for training on healthy communication, personality styles and conflict resolution. Janeese was very knowledgeable on the topic as well as interactive and engaging in her presentation style. High praise from our staff.”

Courtney Foley
CPA/Human Resources Manager - Alabama Home Builders Self Insurers Fund

“We have a planning meeting with the regional executives in our bank each January. Last year, we invited Janeese to make a presentation to our group. The combination of humor, wisdom and relevancy was exactly what I was hoping for! Janeese brought very compelling thoughts on “Next Level Leadership" well received by all. I will definitely have her back and highly recommend her to anyone needing a positive message.”

Linwood McClain
Regional President - Trustmark Bank

“Janeese’s guidance has been and continues to be one of the most valuable tools I have received in my leadership position at the office. She works with me on a consistent basis, helping me to identify issues and make plans to resolve them on a regular basis. She coached me through identifying and communicating to my Doctors and staff and continues to help me reinforce that vision within the culture of my office. Her team building workshops and activities transformed the way my Doctors and staff communicate with one another. She also coached our team in healthy conflict resolution and refocused our perspective on the mission and purpose of the company.Janeese’s coaching services not only refocused my team, they have and continue to encourage and strengthen me as a Christian leader in the workplace, which has been an invaluable asset to my professional growth. Most importantly, she has been able to strengthen my team and my company’s ability to serve others and make a difference.”

Dr. Candice Cobb
Doctor of Chiropractic and CEO - Health Star Clinics

“Janeese is so easy to work with and has exceptional expertise in leadership training and motivation. Conference attendees were engaged throughout the entire session and left with skills they could easily implement into their work environment. She brought great value to our conference and I would gladly work with her again on future events.”

Ashley Thomas
Director of Leadership Development - Alabama Bankers Association

Coaching Testimonials

“EVERYONE…needs a coach! The world’s top performing athletes and business people consistently use coaches. For me personally, if I was going to use a coach, they had to be biblically based, hold qualifying credentials and possess real world experience. Janeese Spencer embodies all of these qualities. My wife and I have worked with Janeese for over a year and we have experienced real gains in our relationship. Working with Janeese has brought valuable benefits to my professional life as well. Growth occurs better when it is intentional. I would highly recommend Janeese Spencer for one-on-one Coaching and/or Couples coaching.”

Breck Honea
Agent-ChFC, RICP< CLU - Honea Ins and FinSvcs, Inc.

“I have had the privilege of being coached by Janeese Spencer for over a year now, both individual and with my spouse. I can say without a doubt that Janeese has helped transform our marriage. She holds us accountable, and she helps us see things from our spouse’s perspective. If one is willing to be intentional about seeking help, opening up about problems, sharing both victories and failures, all in a confidential, no-judgment zone, there are tremendous rewards and benefits that Janeese can and will provide.”

Carolyn Honea
Office Manager - Breck Honea StateFarm Insurance

“I started going to Janeese at the lowest, darkest point in my life. After one session my heart began to heal. Her wise counsel and Christian guidance has helped me to love without fear, love myself and most importantly renew my faith in Christ.”

Jannah Bailey
Executive Director - Child Protect

“As a physician I have personally seen and worked with a large number of counselors. Janeese Spencer is the most talented and effective counselor/coach I have ever worked with and that is why I drive 6 hours to see her. Her strong knowledge of the Bible and Christ centered counseling is one of the many talents that make her outcomes so successful.”

James A. Thorp, MD
Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Sub-Specialty Maternal Fetal Medicine

“Selfless, compassionate, and highly gifted. Janeese Spencer gives everything she has to helping others realize their potential and be all they were created to be.Janeese helped me see certain truths about myself and encouraged me to apply these in ways that have been life changing. She helped me connect the dots of my past experiences so that I could see the bigger picture of my life. One of the great things about Janeese is that she joins you in the joy of discovery during this process, walking alongside as facilitator and friend, but allowing God to lead the way.”

Maggie Thorp
Attorney at Law

“Coaching with Janeese was an eye opening experience for me. She helped me to discover how my past shaped me and gave me the tools I needed to overcome those struggles. She also pushed me outside of my comfort zone and helped me to pursue a career in ministry that I felt God was leading me towards.”

Amanda Hinson
Executive Assistant to Lead Pastor - St. James Church

“My experience with Venture coaching was a life altering experience which I will forever be grateful for.  I had strongholds that were known to me but also others that I did not even realize.  Janeese helped me restore my relationship with my daughter, enrich my marriage and break a forty year addiction .  Every part of my life has been enriched and most important of all my walk with the Lord has been solidified and put in its correct priority.   My ducks did not even know each other let alone be in a row.  My daughter and Mother were so excited about the changes in me that they started going to Janeese.   It’s the best investment I have EVER made.  Janeese really listens, retains and prays for you and put a lot of effort and energy into formulating a game  plan.  But she is also not afraid to call you out and is a great cheerleader and supporter.  I have been to many other counselors over the years and the difference is Janeese points you to your future and empowers you to move beyond your past and strongholds.”

Carol Harrison
Financial Advisor

“About a year ago, I went through a rough situation, reaching a whole new level of low. Within a few months, Mrs. Janeese helped me overcome the detrimental effects of the situation and establish a strong faith base before moving on to a new major stage of life. Because of her, I am confidant in who I am. Mrs. Janeese is truly a blessing from God above, and I will forever be thankful for her!”

Sailor Miles
College Student

“Janeese’s premarital counseling was the perfect solution to all the questions and concerns you may have before your marriage. She helps you learn how to balance a healthy relationship   all while keeping God in the center of your marriage. She also gave helpful insight into the sanctity of marriage while helping us develop a deeper relationship together. She  also taught us helpful communication skills for marriage.”

Charley and John Stephens
Graphic Designer | Project Engineer Caddell Construction

“We can’t say enough wonderful things about Janeese and her approach to marriage and life coaching.She truly has a gift from the Lord and helped us create a deeper level of commitment, love, forgiveness and trust in our marriage. Her encouragement, in depth action plans with biblical perspective and wisdom are just a few slices of the goodness that makes up her coaching process. If you are searching for someone that can help give you peace of mind, level headed discussion and honest reality checks to better yourself and your marriage-this is your girl times 100.”

Crystal and Trip Strickland
Owner and Creative Director - Southern Posies | Commercial Credit Analyst - Valley National Bank

“Working with Janeese was invaluable for our relationship. Through our time together, we came to truly understand how we are wired individually and what that means for meeting each other’s needs in our daily lives and the importance of honoring and involving God in the process. Janeese was a great listener and always made us feel very comfortable. The tools and strategies that Janeese equipped us with were not only relevant and practical, but easily actionable as well. Janeese’s ability to speak the word of God into a situation is truly transformative and we cannot recommend working with Janeese enough.”

Courtney Kirkland and Grady Dozier
Account Executive - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | Independent Agent - Dozier Insurance

“Sometimes we become so fixed on a certain way of thinking that we can’t see any other way to think about a situation. Janeese was not only able to help me have a new perspective, but she also helped equip me with mental tools I could use everyday to handle difficulties in a loving, freeing, Christ-like manner.”

Wendy Brendle
Personal Trainer - Exercise Physiologist

“We can’t say enough great things about Janeese andVenture Life Coaching. As a couple she has helped us GROW our marriage. Busy schedules have a way of making us forget what is really important. Janeese offers wonderful insight on what it takes to make a marriage great and in doing so we have revitalized our spiritual growth together as well. Janeese is a great listener and teacher and has helped us communicate better with one another, refocus our relationship on the things that matter most, while keeping God at the center of our marriage.”

David and Ashley Chancellor
Member - Legacy New Homes | Relator - Lake Martin Realty

“Last fall, I took a Mom’s Coaching class from Janeese. The invaluable skills and guidance I gained will have a lifetime of benefits, not only in parenting but all of my relationships.”

Cindy Benefield

“Learning to live together is never ending thing. We added jobs, children and all sorts of commitments without taking time out to adjust how we work together as a team. We are so grateful to have taken sometime with Janeese to stop and look at where we were and how to make sure we each felt loved amidst all the chaos. She not only helped us learn about our personality types and what kind of roadblocks they create but also worked out practical ways to work through them.”

Wes and Kristi Stewart
Controls Engineer - Industrial Electrical Services, Inc. | Engineering Supervisor - Alabama Power

“Janeese Spencer has been my life coach for the past year after the loss of my husband. Janeese is very loving and compassionate and we began every session with prayer. The Lord has used Janeese to effectively lead me on a path of healing. I would recommend Janeese to anyone in need of encouragement and life coaching.”

Jean Williams

“As an ongoing client of Janeese, I have benefitted greatly from her wisdom and encouragement.I first attended one of her teen parenting classes and left feeling empowered and equipped to better manage day-to-day hurdles. Later, I decided to schedule individual coaching, which really gave me powerful tools and insight into some of the deepest places of my heart. Her love for the Lord, coupled with her kind, nurturing spirit provides a coveted resource for those wanting to navigate life through a godly filter and a Spirit-led plan.”

Jennifer Woodward
Executive Vice President - MediSYS for Physicians, Inc.

“We would highly recommend Venture Life Coaching. Coaching gave us the tools to turn our marriage back to a loving, communicating relationship. Janeese is just the right amount of honest that we needed, and pointed us right to Christ as the center of our marriage.”

Rena and Brad Stinson